R2I Cluster Mediterranean

ENER2I is one project of a cluster of EU funded projects supporting the link between research and innovation in European neighbourhood  countries.

The other projects involved in the R2I cluster Mediterranean are: 

MAGHRENOV - Convergence between EU and Maghreb MPC innovation systems in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE&EE)

MAGHRENOV aims to support innovation in the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency (RE&EE) sector in the Mediterranean basin. The Consortium brings together partners from Europe and Maghreb countries, whose shared goal is to establish a common Euro-Mediterranean innovation space.

The common innovation area shall be built around three major objectives of MAGHRENOV:

  • Building human resource and knowledge capacity and fostering innovation on Mediterranean RE&EE markets
  • Bringing together RE&EE initiatives in the EU and Mediterranean Partner Countries (MPC) in order to support development of sustainable energies and to establish dynamic Research and Innovation Systems
  • Creating mobility of young academics among businesses and research sector in the EU and MPC.

Following these objectives, MAGHRENOV activities are devoted to capacity building (human resources as well as research & innovation infrastructures) on one hand, and to business creation, including joint financial support to EuroMed innovation projects in the RE&EE sector on the other.

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SOHEALTHY - Mediterranean Research Network on Footcare Sector

The main objective of this initiative is to enhance cooperation between European and Mediterranean countries in the creation of a footcare sector network. This community will focus on the determination of foot problems associated mainly to diabetes, obesity and ageing in order to determine footwear solutions aligned to these problems and to the mechanical issues that cause them.

SOHEALTHY’s aims consists in:

  • Providing a framework to define research and development priorities, timeframes and action plans on a number of strategically important issues.
  • Transferring the main advances achieved by the footcare sector in the European and Mediterranean countries.
  • Informing about the most significant barriers, both technical and scientific, to be considered when assessing the importance of designing specific support lines for the progress of the industry.
  • Getting better knowledge about the technological level and needs of each participating country and the possibilities of improvement.
  • Developing a Strategic Research Agenda focused on each target and containing a R&D roadmap of the footcare sector in each participating country.
  • Devising an action plan for the effective execution of the Strategic Research Agenda and specific actions addressed to the industry in each participating country.

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MENFRI - Mediterranean Network of Forestry Research and Innovation


MENFRI would like to become a dialogue and action platform in forestry, encouraging scientific and technological collaboration within the Mediterranean. The main goal of the project is therefore to create a favourable environment for the development of an innovative and job creating business sector in this region while facing climate change. The project will help bridging the gap between research and innovation by improving performance in managing, transferring and using the knowledge resulting from ecological research and forest management and by better aligning both research and economic objectives to societal needs.

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FP4BATIW - Fostering partnerships for the implementation of best available technologies for water treatment & management in the Mediterranean





The main objective of the FP4BATIW project is to foster partnerships and networking for best available water treatment technologies implementation in the MPC region by promoting the interaction between highly qualified members, both from EU and MPC, of the knowledge value chain (KVC) on water treatment and corresponding stake holders community (national water agencies, municipalities, industrial waste water producers, entities managing business incubators, etc.).

Goals are:

  • new approaches, tools and innovation, integrating sustainability aspects and allowing the collaboration between experienced and new teams for coaching and capacity building in cooperation. Such fostering activities will contribute to reduce the gap between research & innovation and the water treatment market enhancing synergies and allowing the concentration of efforts, know-how exchange, co-ownership and dialogue.
  • promotion of the employment of water treatment technologies pilot plant demonstrations and real case studies achieved under former or on-going EU-FP7 projects with MPC participation to substantiate pre-competitive research in the water sector in the region, with particular regard to develop innovative business models (BMs) focused on generating water saving and multi-use solutions.
  • providing additional links between research, technology enterprising and water users to enhance competitive research in water use efficiency, drought and flood management, non-conventional water use, water conservation.

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ETRERA 2020 - Empowering Trans-Mediterranean Renewable Energy Research Alliance for Europe 2020 Challenges

ETRERA_2020 is a EU project aimed at tackling the future energy needs by creating a Euro-Mediterranean research alliance for the development of a RDI network on Renewable Energy Sources – RES technologies and for improving Research-Industry cooperation.

ETRERA_2020 targets the following technologies:

  • wind
  • photovoltaic
  • solar thermal
  • hydrogen and fuel cells
  • smart grid

Specific goals

  • improving human resources & know how of Mediterranean Partner Countries RTD organizations;
  • increasing the networking opportunity among the main actors of the RES value chain;
  • increasing of public – private partnership;
  • increasing the accessibility to research facilities;
  • increasing the project/partners visibility in order to attract potential research/industry partners.

Main activities


  • the catalogue of competences of partner research centers: research capacity, equipments, testing facilities, etc.;
  • a common R&DI strategy/roadmap and the related financial plan;
  • policy recommendations;
  • some tutorial/publication on market and risk assessment, finance opportunities, etc.;

setting-up and facilitating:

  • a Meta-cluster;
  • Public-Private Partnerships in RES technologies;


  • exchange of best practices and mobility from Research to Enterprise;
  • technological/R&DI services and business advisory;


  • two international brokerage events;
  • an international scientific conference;
  • a trans-regional Network on innovation in the field of RES technologies at Euro-Mediterranean level.

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CINEA - EU-MED - Cooperation to foster innovation and exploitation in the agro-food domain

CINEA aims strengthen the overall competitiveness and sustainability of the EU-MED agro-food industry by reinforcing the cooperation with relevant Mediterranean Partner Countries on bridging the existing gap between research and innovation in the area of food and agriculture research. Thisincludes in particolar:

  • overcoming existing innovation barriers both inside the Mediterranean Partner Countries and with regard to collaboration with the EU, and
  • facilitating closer links between research and industry, thus enabling the exploitation of research results.

CINEA will:

  • Enable Research-to-Industry (R2I) networking, collaboration and transfer of knowledge of methods and technologies for sustainable agriculture and competitive agro-food industry.
  • Identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to innovation and exploitation of research results in the target countries.
  • Build the required competences and capacities for improved innovation.
  • Provide relevant innovation support services for sustainable and continued R2I exchange.
  • Create regional and international synergies