Project results

Expected results

  • 4 analytical reports on the research and innovation landscape and on players in EE/RES in the participating EaP countries (Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova)
  • 4 local brokerages in participating EaP countries and 4 brokerages in EU countries
  • 8 training workshops on various aspects of innovation, which are relevant for EE/RES in participating EaP countries
  • Staff exchanges/study visits – 24 experts exchanged in the frame of a twinning scheme
  • 24 innovation vouchers, allocated to start-ups and businesses in the participating EaP countries as a result of a merit-based competition

Most of the ener2i reports will be publicly available for download here:

Joint methodology for country analysis (M3)

Collection of 4 country reports, one per ENP country: Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Belarus & Policy Brief on country analysis (M12)

Recommendations report incl. roadmap on EE/RES in business & Policy Brief on Recommendations (M 36)

Interim report on local brokerage events (M15; Update M36)

Final report on participation in EU conferences and fairs - transnational brokerage (M36)

Interim progress report on Innovation training workshops including twinning study visits and thwinning mini-projects (M25)

Final report on 4 Innovation training workshops including twinning study visits and twinning mini-projects (M36)

Interim progress report on Innovative Thinking workshpos (M25; Update M36)

Innovation voucher scheme methodology (M6)

Summary report on the implementation of the 24 innovation vouchers (M36)

Dissemination and communication strategy (M3)