ener2i Twinning/Study Visit: Establishing an ener2i solar cluster

Project Event

Date: September 19-21, 2016
Location / Venue: Brasov

The final ener2i event series will be organised in cooperation with the Transilvania University of Braşov. The university will host the “ener2i Twinning – Study Visit: establishing an ener2i solar cluster” in Brasov, Romania from September 19-21, 2016.

The visit will be hosted by the Research & Development (R&D) Institute of the University and its Research Center for Renewable Energy Systems and Recycling (RESREC):



Approach: With this study visit the ener2i project aims to establish an ener2i solar cluster for EU Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries and link it to EU partners. Solar energy was revealed as a topic of hight interest in all of the EaP countries involved in ener2i's Innovation Voucher Competition (Armenia, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova). At least two Innovation Voucher projects (out of several more funded ones) were dealing with solar energy in each EaP country (for Belarus an infosheet on a solar project is not uploaded yet).


This study visit will facilitate information exchange and building contacts among the ener2i Innovation Voucher projects on photovoltaics and solar energy, and with ener2i partner Brasov University and its Research Center for Renewable Energy Systems and Recycling. The organisers will also try to attract additional experts from EU countries to the visit (e.g. from Germany or via the Innover-East project).

At the same time the study visit is the final event of the ener2i project, which will end in October 2016.