Moldova Country report on implementation of the ENP, adopted on 25 March 2015

Being part of the 2015 ENP package "Implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in 2014",  the report on the Republic of Moldova underlines key developments and reform efforts in 2014 and makes recommendations for the year to come.

Once a year, the European Commission and the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy publish reports assessing the progress made towards the objectives of the Action Plans and the Association Agendas. The reports about the implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy in 2014 were adopted on 25 March 2015.

The Moldovan Government continued to focus on integration with the EU single energy market and addressing its main challenges in the energy sector, particularly security of supply, accumulated energy debts and low energy efficiency.

A new law on promoting renewable energy sources was developed and is in the final stage of adoption in parliament. This was aimed at esta blishing new incentives for such investments.
On energy efficiency, Moldova adopted laws on energy labelling and on the ecological design of energy products and improved the administrative capacity of its Energy Efficiency Agency and Energy Efficiency Fund. The Energy Efficiency Fund launched two new calls for energy efficiency projects in the public and the private sector, and Moldova also became a full member of the multi-donor Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership to which the EU is a major contributor. The Ministry of Economy is currently implementing nine projects to promote sustainable development under the Greening Economies in the Eastern Neighbourhood Countries’ programme.

In December Moldova adopted its climate change adaptation strategy and action plan for 2020. In May parliament adopted a law on environmental impact assessment, transposing an EU Directive on the assessment of the effects on the environment of certain public and private projects. The Ministry of Environment approved a new water supply and sanitation strategy for 2014-28 and an environmental strategy for 2014-23 setting out plans for the future development of the sector.

A new Science and Innovation Code was adopted to stimulate innovation by fostering applied research and by encouraging closer cooperation between the academic and the research sectors. In March the Moldovan Academy of Sciences organised the official regional launch of the 'Horizon 2020' Programme while the agreement on Moldova’s participation in the 'Horizon 2020' Programme was signed in July. Moldova is the first Eastern Partnership country who signed up to the programme.

On the basis of the Country Progress Report, several actions are recommended to the Republic of Moldova for the coming year such as for instance continuing progress on sectoral reforms, and adopting the necessary measures to fully implement the new Education Code, and starting to implement the vocational education and training restructuring plan.

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