Energy Efficiency Communication

Current forecasts imply that the current 2020 targets for energy efficiency is on the way to being achieved. The Commission does not intend to propose new measures but calls on the Member States to step up their current efforts to ensure collective delivery of the 2020 target. The Commission will complement these efforts with appropriate guidance and dissemination of best practice to ensure full exploitation of the available Union funds.
The Commission's Communication on a 2030 policy framework for climate and energy identified a level of energy savings of 25% as part of a strategy to deliver the 40% greenhouse gas emission reduction target in the most cost-effective manner. However, given the increased relevance of bolstering EU energy security and reducing the Union’s import dependency, the Commission considers it appropriate to propose a higher target of 30%. This would increase the costs of the 2030 Framework by €20 billion per annum but would still deliver tangible economic and energy security benefits.