NoGAP: Train the Trainers Handbook

This handbook aimed at training of trainers (ToT) was prepared as one of the outcomes of the project NoGAP: Knowledge Transfer Community to bridge the gap between research, innovation and business creation. This training material was prepared in order to enhance mutual learning in the area of knowledge and technology transfer.

It will be used mainly within the trainings delivered throughout the project in the Eastern Partnership Countries (Belarus, Georgia and Ukraine) aimed at preparing the trainers to bring the knowledge on how to create favorable environment for development of technology transfer between research and business. This transnational training manual could serve also to other European countries for delivering of ToT. It is prepared in such a manner that it can be used also afterwards in other types of trainings not only in this specific area but also in other educational activities.

Even though the primary target group consists of trainers and multiplicators, this handbook can be useful also for other types of stakeholders. The handbook is intended to a wider group of users because the training has to be approached in a broader context in which the potential users of this handbook directly influence the quality of the training. It is not the purpose of this training manual to equip the trainers with basic skills but to address trainers who already have certain skills mostly with regard to the topic addressed to proceed to a higher level of training implementation.