Funded projects

For each funded project of the ener2i Innovation Voucher competition a one-page description of the project, its main objectives and the involved partners can be found here to give an overview of the funded projects.


IV_MD_2015_47 New material in construction - Termo-Fono-Izolant

IV_MD_2015_49 Energy Integrated System for small Moldovan enterprises in the agricultural sector

IV_MD_2015_51 Improving the energy efficiency of equipment for biomass processing by briquetting

IV_MD_2015_57 Building prototype of energy saving turbine system

IV_MD_2015_61 The Flow of Life

IV_MD_2015_62 Short-term wind speed forecasting technique for selected localities in Moldova

IV_MD_2015_66 Polymers for energy efficiency improvement

IV_MD_2015_68 Innovative solutions for energy efficiency consumption in public lighting systems

IV_MD_2015_70 National Energy Monitoring System for Public Institutions

IV_MD_2015_75 Testing to help optimize design and efficiency of new glazed solar air heating collectors

IV_MD_2015_79 Thin polymer films Fresnel concentrator for boosting efficiency of photo voltaic cells


IV_BY_The use of alternative energy sources in fish farming

IV_BY_Solar collector efficiency study in urban buildings

IV_BY_Evaluation of ways and procedures to reduce energy consumption in the mild soap manufacturing process

IV_BY_Analysis of technologies and machines for natural gas overpressure energy conversion as one of the biggest trends in energy efficiency

IV_BY_2 Call_Optimizing performance of solar cells and modules based on heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer (HIT) technology

IV_BY_2 Call_Experimental justification of the principles of energy efficient technology of construction lime manufacturing

IV_BY_2 Call_2-axis tracker installation


IV_AM_Black Silicon Solar Cells

IV_AM_Entirely plastic solar thermal panels

IV_AM_Photo-luminescent materials

IV_AM_PV Module Based on Vertical Solar Cell

IV_AM_Solar Powered Biomass Gasifier

IV_AM_Solar Powered Water Generator from Air


IV_GE_Energy Efficient Construction Material

IV_GE_Energy Efficiency for Buildings

IV_GE_Energy Saver Hybrid-drying Apparatus of Foodstuff

IV_GE_Grid-tie Solar Photovoltaic Systems for Tbilisi Street Lighting

IV_GE_Pellets From Waste Biomass

IV_GE_Solar Energy Parabolic Steam Generator